Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Traveling: Dallas In Spring

Traveling is always an escape. Yesterday I suffered the cold weather in still winterly New York City, today I enjoyed the start of Spring in Dallas, Texas. While the east coast metropolis continues to experience snow and temperatures mostly in the 30s F (below 10 Celsius), the Texan city greeted the vernal equinox with a peak of 69 F (20 Celsius) and plenty of sunshine.

And the vegetation here is much more advanced. While the trees at the US north east coast are still naked, I could see a lot of green and blossoming branches today.

I enjoy my first visit in Dallas not just because of the pleasant climate. The city, which has a population of around 1.2 million, is a modern & wealthy place and shows her importance as a economic, communication and transportation center of Northern Texas.

The Texan metropolis benefits from the new oil boom (rising production and high energy prices) and the rise of her technology companies like the chip giant Texas Instruments. This is reflected from an impressive skyline that displays the power and the future orientation of Dallas. The Omni hotel where I stay now is also a proof for this. The bathroom mirror is partly a TV screen where I can watch 8 TV channels.

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