Sunday, March 24, 2013

Traveling: Dallas Museum Of Art - The Pursuit Of Eclectic

Traveler if you come to Dallas, Texas, you might take a look at the Dallas Museum Of Art (dallasmuseumofart). The house, which is located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, has a fine eclectic collection. The labyrinths on the 4 floors invite you for a discovery tour through centuries, cultures and continents.

You could find paintings by famous Europeans like Modigliani, Mondrian and Magritte plus pictures by more or less modern Americans. And there is much more. You could see ancient Indian temple art, artifacts from the Roman Empire and their intercessors, the Etruscan. There also are demons and warriors from Asian, African & Polynesian cultures and you could meet samurais and buddhas.

But you can find more than just paintings and sculptures. The section "decorative arts and designs" displays some complete living & bed rooms from the 19th and 20th centuries. You could see fine salons and libraries, designed and assembled by people with taste and wealth.

In addition to the usual collection the museum now offers  2 temporary exhibitions: "Chagall" (through May 26) and photographs of "Cindy Sherman" (through June 9).

The general admission is free. The Chagall and the Sherman shows cost $16 each.


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