Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Contemporary Art: Beasticon II @ Mark Miller Gallery, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - I enjoy contemporary art. It is full of surprises and funny ideas. I had much fun as I visited ecently the Mark Miller Gallery in my Lower East Side neighborhood (92 Orchard Street New York  markmiller ). They have an exhibition called "Beasticon II", where they show a collection of art works by different artists (through January 11, 2015 ). According to the curators "the artists were asked to fearlessly reflect inward on the nature of the Beast or the shadow self". Anyway, I like the visions, the play with different media and the sometimes philosophical titles.

Here are my favorites from the show. On top of this post you can see "Racoon" by Ed Grant, Code manipulated image, ink sublimation on aluminum.

Above this paragraph flies "Pigeon" by Ed Grant, Code manipulated image, ink/aluminium,  Edition of 3

This is called "White Shadow" by Hamlet Zurida, Acrylic on paper.

I don´t know what is happening here. But David Hochbaum, the artist, called his work "Consumption", Pigment print on Kozo paper

Here you can see "Return" by David Hochbaum, Gelatin silver print/mixed media

Another work by David Hochbaum: "Come for me in the Twilight Bloom", Gelatin Silver Print/(Mixed Media

This is "Watch  Out" by Joohee Park,  Sticky vinyl on archival paper

Here something to think about: "We `re Not so Different, You and I" by Tina Lugo, Oil based paint and acrylic on plexi

Is this an invitation? "You Melt For We" by Kristian Glee, Mixed media


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