Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Economy: Obstetricians Of Robotics

(Drivebycuriosity) - In the recent days I found 2 reports which are somewhat related: Workers at Amazon`s German warehouses are striking (yahoo) and BusinessWeek reported that Amazon is using more robots to fill Christmas orders (businessweek).

Here is the connection: The strike @ is organized by the German union Verdi. This is a socialistic brothership which has been fighting capitalism and corporations for many years. Since last year Verdi is badgering with frequent strikes. The current strike could hurt Amazon`s business especially in the busy holiday season. Customers who expect a punctual delivery of their orders could be disappointed and cease buying @ Amazon.

I suppose that Amazon could respond to these frequent strikes and use more robots in their German warehouses. In the US a lot of work in the fulfillment centers is already done by these automatic machines (businessweek). They don´t strike.

It looks like that the German unions are fostering the use of robotics and make themselves and their workers obsolete.

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