Monday, December 22, 2014

Street Art New York: My Top Twenty 2014

(Drivebycuriosity) - I am connoisseur of street art. I like murals, graffiti, stencils and other incarnations of this elusive art form and take pictures when ever I can. Therefore I shot a lot of street art pictures, especially in my New York neighborhoods Lower East Side, East Village & Soho.

Here are my top 20 from 2014. On the top you can see a mural I spotted on a shop door on Stanton Street. Is it an insect? Is it a helicopter? The other strange chopper was on a wall which belongs to the fashion shop "Rag & Bone" at the corner of East Houston & Elizabeth Street. They have a traditon of frequently changing murals which often are awsome.

Above this paragraph are 3 murals by street arts who also show their works in galleries. The white lady before a blue background is on the facade of Burger King (Suffolk Street/Delancey Street). This is the work of Logan Hicks. works are somewhat related with water which gives them a very special look. In march I posted about an exhibtion of his "nautical-based stencil paintings" (driveby).

The 2 black and white murals are created by the London based artist Conor Harrington, who also produces great work on canvas (driveby). You can still see the almost photo-realistic  "boxer"  on the Suffolk Street facade of Streit’s Matzo factory in New York´s Lower East Side (Suffolk Street between Rivington and Stanton). I found the other mural on Lafayette Street.

The dancer are on the facade of Balvanera, an Argentinian restaurant at 152 Stanton Street. Local artist Mike Brown calls his work  “An Allegory of Soul" (lot71). According to the blog Bowery Boogie the mural is "a take on the similarities between the Lower East Side and the Balvanera neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

Here a 2 more works which had temporarely on the wall of "Rag & Bone". I especially indulged into the gorgeous trompe l'oeil. A shame that it didn`t last long. I also miss the euqally short lived "robot" art work by Nick Kuszyk (rrobots).

Above this paragraph you can see the work by the Australian artist Anthony Lister. It  seems the wall belongs to Epstein´s Bar, a popular hangout for college kids and young "bridge-and-tunnel people". (Do they notice this art work when they party there?).

                                                               Tribute To China?

The first beauty above this paragraph found her home in Little Italy. The next mural could be a tribute to China. I spotted her at trailer on Manhattan`s East First Street - a satellite office for Second Avenue Subway workers. This is part of the frequently changing works of the New York`s Centre-Fuge Public Art Project (driveby). Months later the Chinese lade got replace by a portrait of Debbie Harry, the head of "Blondie".

The winterly mural of Suffolk Street has been a precursor to Logan Hicks`boxer on Suffolk.

 I also admired some the sexy stencils which are spreaded all over the town.

Some of these stencils are made by geniuses. A shame that they stay unknown.

Street art is a valuable part of city life and makes New York City. There I like the pics which combine the art work with the street life.

If you want to see more street art from New York`s Lower East Side and their neighborhoods you could visit my montly street art reports (driveby).


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