Friday, February 13, 2015

Culture: New York´s Spring Fashion Week 2015, Blossoms On Ice

(Drivebycuriosity) - It´s bitter cold in New York City and snowflakes are in the air. But anyway,  New York´s Spring Fashion Week 2015 started Yesterday (continuing through February 19th, 2015 mbfashionweek). Winter or not, hundred of models are in the city to celebrate themselves and the world of fashion.

Following my tradition I pilgrimed again to the Lincoln Center before the Metropolitan Opera House, where the tent of the sponsor Mercedes Benz serves as a hub for the fashion spectacle (driveby).

Again I could spot beauties from all over the world, a sign that fashion is a truly global business. The event is also a proof that New York City does not stand only for Wall Street, Broadway & media. The metropolis is one of the global centers of the fashion world and home to many companies in the textile business. 

It seemed to me that the event is more global than before and I had the impression that more Asian models came to the fashion show than in the recent years. Anyway, the Fashion week is really a place to spot beauty and glamour.

The models seem to have fun as well. Even the chilly wind couldn´t spoil the party sentiment.

                                                            Faces Of The World

The fashion council is not just about textiles, it is also about faces. I think these pictures speak for themselves.

I am not an expert in fashion but I got the impression that dresses, shirts & pants got a little bit more colorful this year.

                                                        Defying The Artic Conditons

As you can see below, some designers used the Fashion Week to provoke a little bit:

I admire the professionality off all the participants who are defying the artic conditons. The chill couldn´t stop them to pose and to smile for the flocks of photographers and onlockers. Thanks to all here portrayed models. And I am looking forward to the next Fashion Week which is expected for September and should be in a much warmer climate (here my report from last September fall-fashion).


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