Friday, May 22, 2015

Contemporary Art: The Magic Of Colors - Eric Freeman @ Launch F18, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) -  Some paintings are pure magic. Yesterday I saw an exhibition with works by Eric Freeman @ Launch F18 in New York´s Lower East Side (94 Allen Street, through June 12, 2015 launchf18).

I got almost sucked into the pictures. I agree with the gallery´s description that "Freeman's paintings radiate and glow, glitter and move, with an unearthly light while simultaneously absorbing light" (launch).

These images here can just give a poor impression of this beauty. But anyway, I put above some details to show the filigree structure of the paintings.

Like many contemporary artists. Freeman is experimenting with new techniques and material. As the gallery describes, "to add new depth to this body of work, he paints with a layered method of combining oil and "high tech pigments of the modern age."  Layer upon layer of medium creates a new textured surface from which light refracts, allowing the light to reverberate between each layer.  With this process and the tactile nature of Freeman's materials, illusion and 3D holographic images seem to form".


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