Sunday, May 31, 2015

Contemporary Art: A Report From The Front @ New York Academy of Art

(Drivebycuriosity) - If you are interested in cutting edge contemporary art you might find it @ the New York Academy of Art  (111 Franklin Street This institution educates young artists in figurative drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Last week I visited there the "Thesis Exhibition", which displayed the works by 57 artists graduating from the rigorous MFA program this May. According to their press release the show represented "the culmination of two years of exploration and intensive practice while ushering in the next phase of the artists’ professional careers." Therefore I expected a status report from the art front. I didn´t get disappointed.

                                                                In Trouble Water

I indulged into the huge variety of ideas, techniques and styles. Some of the works are awsome. I think some of these artists could be soon represented in New York´s and London`s leading galleries & auction houses.

I show here a very personal selection. Unfortunately the Academy doesn´t follow auction houses and galleries who act professional and tag the exhibited works, so I display the works anonymously but with great admiration.

The blog starts with my favorite of the show, maybe "a man in troubled water"? I indulge into the powerful use of the colors, especially the wild blue brush strokes.

This strange group also caught my eyes. What is their secret?. Maybe a family of interbreed?

The powerful display of a room (a garage?) is also a masterpiece.

The painting above reminds of Gerhard Richter, who sometimes blurred the images by dragging a dry brush over wet pigment.


                                                 Tickling The Fantasy

The mysterious persons and gatherings above are also tickling the fantasy of the observer.

The first portrait above reminds of the TV series "Breaking Bad", the second of the British werewolf romance "Company of the Wolves".

I think the combinations above are open for interpretation. Andy idea?

                                                            Playful Wildness

I don´t know what the paintings above this paragraph are about. But I enjoy their playful wildness.

There also were some abstracts of course which belong fully in the realm of imagination.

I don´t know if this horse can jump, but it looks really powerful.


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