Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Contemporary Art: A Subjective View Of The May 2015 Auctions @ Phillips, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - This week the big auction houses are  performing their huge spring contemporary art auctions in New York.  Last week I posted about the collections  @ Christie´s (driveby), yesterday I visited Phillips. The company is the number 3in the world of the global acution houses (behind Sotheby`s & Christie`s) and specializes in contemporary art (phillips).

On 4 floors I saw an impressive selection which should hit the market on may 14th (auctions). As usual on this blog I show here just my favorites, a very subjective collection.Let the pictures speak for themselves:

On top of this post you can see Urs Fischer`s scultpture "Untiled (Candle)" (wax, wick, pigment, bricks;This work is number 2 from an editon of 3 plus 1 artist´s proof). As you can see below they put burning candles into the art work.

In the background hangs Rudolf Stingel´s "Untitled" (2012, electroformed copper, plated nickel and gold, in 4 parts).

Above this paragraph another eyecatcher: "Scout" by Lisa Yuskavage (2012, oil on linen).

                                                                Burning Candle

Here another look on Fischer´s candle. Isn´t she pretty

I was glad to find here another work by my favorite painter: Gerhard Richter`s Grey/Grau (2003, oil on canvas). It is pure magic, how this artist works with colors. If you are a Richter connoisseur too you might visit the Art Institute Chicago which owns a marvelous Richter collection (art-institute).

Above another favorite of mine: Anselm Kiefer with "San Loretto" (2009). Usually the master uses materials like ashes, poppy corn seed and more. But here conted with plain "oil on canvas" and achieved fascinating effects as you can see in the detail shots above.

I also like Neo Rauch`s work. Last year I blogged about his show @ David Zwirner (driveby ). Phillips offers now "Fastnacht" (2010, oil on canvas) which is Swiss German and means carneval.

                                                   Psycho Spaghetti Western

Here some  pop art: Tom Wesselmann`s "Still Life with Blue Jar and Smoking Cigarette" (1981, oil on canvas).

Above Frank Stella`s "La Prima spada e l`ultima scopa" (1983, synthetic polymer paint on aluminum honeycomb panels and acrylic panel) followed by Ed Ruscha`s "Psycho Spaghetti Western #8" (2010-11, acrylic, used motor oil on canvas)

Above: "Pavillon" by Helen Frankenthaler(1971, acrylic on canvas);
"Untitled (S176)" by Christopher Wool (2005, enamel on linen);
"Gravel Master" by Dan Rees (2005, oil, pebble dash on canvas)

I am always fascinated by Mark Tansey`s works. Here his gorgeous mountain landscape called "Hedge" (2011, oil on canvas).

Above detail shot from " Siren" by Nigel Cooke (2011, oil on linen backed with sailcloth). These brushstrokes are indeed hynotical.

                                        Hyped Glamour Stars

Phillips has of course some of the much hyped glamour stars of the current art scene :

Above details shots of 2 works by Damien Hirst:
A real butterfly (!), part of "Love Sweetness" (2003, butterflies, household gloss on canvas)
and the painting:  "The McLean" (2006, oil on canvas, in artist`s frame) which shows the technical skills of Hirst.

It seems Francis Bacon is the most hyped contemporary artist now. Phillips offers his "Seated Woman" (1961, oil on canvas).  Estimate $25,000,000 - 35,000,000 

The shots were mostly taken with my humble camera (Pansonic Lumix ). You could find better images on their website. But anyway


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