Monday, May 11, 2015

Economy: How Horrible Are New York`s Nail Salons?

(Drivebycuriosity) - The liberal US magazines have one big issue this week: The horrible situation @ New York´s nail salons. Last week the New York Times had reported that the manicure & pedicure workers in New York´s beauty salons are "routinely underpaid and exploited" (nytimes). New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, responded quickly and announced on Sunday a plan to further investigate the salons and their working conditions (vox  nymag).

What will happen? Nail salons will have to pay higher wages. To be able to do that they will hike their prices. Their customers won`t be happy. Not every nail salon customer belongs to the one-percent, many have a decent budget (especially in New York where a lot of income is used for paying the rent). I think a lot of the average customer will stop using nail salons and clip his/her nails themselves.

As a consequence some of the nail salons will go out of business and many manicurists won`t be happy either, because they will loose their jobs. Yes, manicure & pedicure are badly paid, but usually these worker don´t have much education, often they don`t speak English well. A bad paid job is a better alternative for them than no job. But liberal magazines, who want to rescue the world, don`t care.

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