Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Economy: Why The British Would Be Wise To Keep David Cameron In Office

(Drivebycuriosity) - In 2 days the British will decide if they will keep David Cameron in Office. The Tory politician leads the British government since 2010. Since Cameron´s inauguration UK`s economy has been recovering and in 2014 Britain grew faster than any other major economy last year (fullfact). UK`s unemployment has been shrinking rapidly (British job miracle tradingeconomics) pushing retail sales growth to around 4% annually (5 % if fuel is excluded). UK is doing much better than their neighbors from the continent, Germany & France, and is is beating Japan by length.

I think the relative strength of the British economy is partly a sucess of the solid & business friendly policy of Cameron`s Conservative government, including tax cuts and curbed public spending (austerity). Austerity is painful and hated by the leftwing. But the spending cuts lead to less government influence and less bureaucracy. Public organizations are less efficient than private companies and tend to waste money, hampering private initiative and economic growth. Thanks to less taxes and less governent spending the British economy is now leaner and more efficient than before. Private enterprise gained more scope which animates more private investments. Money is used more efficiently leading to higher returns which is mirrored in the rekindled economic growth.

UK`s economic performance, especially the job miracle, shows that Cameron has done a good job, so it would be just fair to endorse the current Prime minister. And the voters would act wisely, because if they allow Cameron to continue his job, low taxes & government spending will foster further gains on the jobmarket, encourage companies and continue to support UK`s eonomic growth.

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