Friday, October 2, 2015

Contemporary Art: A Gallery Walk On Orchard Street, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York´s gentriying Lower East Side has a reputation as the party scene Manhattan`s, but the district also is a mecca of art galleries. Especially on Orchard Street you can find dozens of ambitious art dealers.

Last Sunday my wife and I had a walk on the art mile again. We enjoyed the variety of the displayed works. Here I show my favorits from this walk, as usual a very subjective selction. The gallery McKenzie Fine Art (55 Orchard mckenziefineart ) displays works by Amy Myers. The exhibition is called "Spectral Bond, Light as Spiral" (through October 11,2015  myers).

The curators write: "Her drawings reflect her ongoing interest in Newtonian physics, which describes the behavior of the physical world at the macroscopic level, as well as her engagement with Quantum Mechanics, which delves more deeply and takes into account the fundamentally unpredictable nature of the universe at the particle level. She notes that “the constant changing nature of all things drives my work and guides my process.”

On top of this post you can see "Genesis of Language, Gellman's Dream" (2015
Graphite, gouache, pastel and conté crayon on paper, 64 3/4 x 93 inches);
followed by "Ultraviolet Underground-PT1" (2015, Graphite, gouache, pasteland conté crayon on paper 92 x 104 inches;
"Origin of Quantrametronics" (2015, Graphite, gouache, pastel and conté crayon on paper, 52 x 62 inches).

                                                        Burning Houses

Foley Gallery (59 Orchard foley)  shows works by the German artist Simon Schubert (through October 18, 2015  exhibitions). The exhibition is called "Multa Nocte (through October 18, 2015 press). Above this paragraph you can see his work  "Untitled (Poe House  Balitmore)", (2015, Graphite on paper), followed by "Untitled (Poe House Boston)", (2015, Graphite on paper) & "Untiltled (Burning Door)" (Graphite on paper).

The exhibition includes a series of folded white papers by this artist, like the work "Untitled (Large Stairway)", (2015) above.

                                                         Peculiar Techniques

Other artists execute peculiar techniques as well. Muriel Guépin (83 Orchard  muriel) exhibits works by Keun Young Park (through October 11, 2015 park). The Korean artist "begins her process with original photographs keyed to various evocative hues. The images are shredded by hand into thousands of tiny pieces that are then reassembled. Between the pasted pieces are thin, white, vein-like lines that reveal the texture of the paper's edge", says the press release.

Above "From Eden #5"; followed by "From Eden #3"; "From Eden #4";  "Dream #10" & "Dream 2" all: 2015, Micro-collage, Torn and pasted on paper).

As you can see above the artist does portraits as well: "Untitled" & "Hana" both also: 2015, Micro-collage, Torn and pasted photo on paper.

Gallery Rosai & Ugolini Modern (48 Orchard rosai), which spezializes on Italian artists, shows works by Emilio Cavallini (through November 8, 2015 transfiguration). The artist works with nylon yarn on canvas, wood or plexiglas.

There are more galleries on Orchard Street, so a walk there always is rewarding.


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