Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Contemporary Art: Hanged With Roses @ Thierry Goldberg, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) -  Competition is everywhere. Even artists are under pressure from their rivals. Many painters are experimenting with unusual materials to distinguish themselves from their pears. Hiba Schabaz paints with tea. The gallery Thierry Goldberg in New York´s Lower East Side (103 Norfolk Street thierrygoldberg) shows paitings by this artist. The exhibiton is called: "Hanged with  Roses" (through November 8, 2015 roses ).

From the press release: "Trained in the traditional art of miniature painting in her native Pakistan, Schahbaz re-examines the centuries-old art form, from the female perspective of a South-Asian contemporary artist living in New York. Often using herself as the protagonist of dreamlike narratives, Schahbaz presents a series of works on paper that merge current iconography and traditional techniques."

Above you can see "The Guard" (2014, Tea, gold leaf, collage, gouache and watercolor on wasli)

Above a double self-portrait.

 Above "Summer Studio" (2015, Tea, gouache, watercolor and gold leaf on wasli)

"My Selves" (2012, Tea , gold leaf, collage,gouache and watercolor on wasli, Triptych)


"The Garden" (2015, Tea and watercolor on wasli)

another self-portrait

"Untitled (Work in Tea)" (2015, Tea and watercolor on earth stained paper)


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