Thursday, October 8, 2015

Contemporary Art: A Visit @ Gracie Square Art Show, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - It is hard to be an artist. There is so much competition. Many painters have to find alternative ways to sell their work. Last weekend my wife and I went to Manhattan`s Upper East Side and visited the Gracie Square Art Show in Carl Schurz Park East (End Avenue and East 86th Street graciesquarea). There about 100 artists displayed their works. Each artist had a canopy to protect the paintings & sculptures from the weather. Most exhibition pieces were very traditional, but  some of the paintings hit my taste bud.

I show here my favorites from the fair, as usual a very subjective selection. Above some funny compostions by Cassie Tagggart (2304).

Ken Orton`s photorealism caught also my eyes, all paintings are "oil on canvas". The price tags are $3,850; $4,250 & 4,800. (257)

There were more photorealists, above you can see John Harris` "Lake Reflection" (2015, Oil on Linen), $4,800 (1024).

I also enjoyed Amy Abramson`s colorful expressionist paintings  1986().

plus Anne Johan`s similar, Tidal Pool VI, (Inner Jewel), Oil on panel, $4,200 (2359).

Michael Patterson`s watercolor painting, apparently a beach part, is pure fun (333)

Charles Swisher`s painting "Kovros, Yellow Wall" (Acrylic) $2,600 + tax & "Standing Nude, Looking Back" charcoal, pastel, $400 + tax, (1459)

Anastatia Alexandrin painted the beautiful heads above (2206).


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