Thursday, October 15, 2015

Geopolitics: How To Deal With Frau Merkel`s Helper Syndrome

(Drivebycuriosity) - Germany has a problem. Officials expect that more than 1.5 million refugees will come to the country this year! (faz). The migrants are mostly single young men. Will they integrate? The majority doesn´t speak German, has little education and comes from a different culture (mostly muslims). Will they demand Sharia (Islamic law) in their host country? There are already problems in the migrant camps! "Refugees fight each other in mass brawls amid power struggle between religions in camps" reports a British paper and adds "proper power struggles between different groups who have different ethnic and religious backgrounds" (express). There also are reports about migrants trying to storm the Eurotunnel to get to England (dailymail). The media also write that women are "seen as fair game" in migrant centers and that rape and child abuse "are rife in German refugee camps" (dailymail reuters). Is it a coincidence that the migrants chose the countries that have the highest standard of living in the European Community?

I am an immigrant by myself and live in New York City with a German passport. But I understand that immigration needs time and the goodwill of the migrants and the host country. I believe that immigrants are a gain for the host country if they cooperate because they add to the human capital there. But I doubt that Germany´s (or England´s) society & economy can digest a deluge of uneducated and partly violent immigrants in a short time. The situation reminds me of Rome in the the year 410. Then the state got overrun by migrants (Goths) who were fleeing from a flood of Huns, who migrated from the East. Even the USA, a huge & rich country, which is still underpopulated, has sharp restrictions for immigration and high fences on their southern boarder.

But chancellor Angela Merkel doesnt care. She keeps the gates open and wants to accept the masses regardless the problems (politico).  It seems her policy is driven by empathy rather by rational thinking. She might ignore that she could steer Germany into a crisis because she is influenced by reports about the misery in the countries where the refuges come from and by pictures of deadly accidents. Maybe Frau Merkel has a helper syndrome. According to Wikipedia (the German language edition wikipedia) some people have a strong need to help others even this could harm themselves or their families.

It seems that Frau Merkel is neglecting her job - to represent the interests of the German population, which has elected her (at least the majority) - and is willing to harm her country. A recent poll shows that already 1 in 3 Germans wants that chancellor Angela Merkel resigns because of the refugee problem (breitbart). If Frau Merkel continues to ignore the harm her "open door" policy could inflict on her country the leading German coalition ( Christian Democrats with Social Democrats) should find a successor for her.

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