Friday, October 16, 2015

Movies: Sicario

(Drivebycuriosity) - There is a war going on between the US drug enforcement and the Mexican drug cartel, a very bloody & dirty war. The Mexican drug war is a topic for a lot of thrilling & dramatical movies (Wikipedia counts 17 examples including "Traffic", "Savages" & "The Counselor"); the film "Sicario" is the latest version of the genre (imdb).  FBI agent Kate accompanies an US task force which aims to capture an almost inviolable Mexican cartel lord (this is a spoiler free blog. You can read a synopsis here wikipedia).

Director Denis Villeneuve and script writer Taylor Sheridan created a movie which is a well-thought-out and powerful thriller, but also satisfies art film tastes. Typical for the genre there is a lot of blood & violence (some scenes are really tough), but horror & action are photographed like an art movie. Cinematographer Roger Deakins (who also photographed most of the Coen Brother movies) and the special effect teams (post production) created amazing pictures full of beauty. I fell in love with the amazing nature close the US/Mexican border which looked like a moonscape and other scenes were aesthetically shot as well.

I also was impressed by Benicio Del Toro who as a forceful hunter acted like a god of destruction. Josh Brolin (who is getting better fro film to film) contributed with some subtle humor and Emily Blunt was the beauty who had to deal with the beasts.

"Sicario" shows that a suspenseful action thriller can be intelligent and a piece of cinema art as well.

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