Monday, October 19, 2015

Technology: Can Computers Lie? - "The Cure" Playing In A Mexican Restaurant?

(Drivebycuriosity) - This morning I got an e-mail from "Bandsintown", a renowned website which announces rock concerts and links to ticket providers. The mail was called "The Cure just announced a new concert!" (screenshots). The mail told me that "The Cure" will play at Mexical Live at Teaneck, New Jersey (USA).   I googled the place, it is a Mexican restaurant in a tiny town which shows local bands.

Really? Will "The Cure" play in a obscure Mexican Restaurant? Another Google reseach showed that  Mexical Live had anounced a concert by a band called "The Cause and the Cure" (screenshot). It seems that the computers at "Bandsintown" picked just the word "Cure" and spreaded it over the mailing lists. It doesn`t occure to a computer that a band like "The Cure" does NOT play in a Mexican restaurant.

Don´t trust computers. Sometimes they lie.

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