Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Contemporary Art: Another Gallery Walk On Orchard Street, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Being a connoisseur of contemporary art I often go to Orchard Street in New York´s gentrifying Lower East Side. There are dozens of ambitious art gallerie which frequently changing exhibitions (here my report from October driveby). This weekend my wife and I took another look.

I spotted the elegant image on top of this post @ gallery Art d`Aurelle (facebook).

This artist was working in Project Space at 66 Orchard Street, an outpost of Shin Gallery (lodown).

Shin Gallery (on 322 Grand Street at the corner to Orchard shin) herself has an exhibiton called "Insulae #1", which shows works by the French artist David Raffini (through January 3, 2016). The artist  "thoughtfully burns away sections of canvas to invoke a frenetic mood and intentionally folds his work to highlight its physical dispensability" explains the press release.

Above some images from the show, as usual a very subjective selection.

Above some abstracts discovered @ Muriel Guépin Gallery (83 Orchard murielguepin ). They show paintings by Robert Szot (through December 20, 2015 ). From above: "Life as Animals" (2015, oil on linen) $9,500; "Head of a shark (Whole)" (2014, oil on linen) $13,000 & "City Gardens" (2015, oil on linen) $9,500.

To be continued.

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