Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Street Art New York: My Top Twenty 2015

(Drivebycuriosity) - I am connoisseur of street art. I like murals, graffiti, stencils and other incarnations of this elusive art form and take pictures when ever I can. Therefore I shot a lot of street art pictures, especially in New York`s neighborhoods Lower East Side, East Village & Soho.

Here are my top 20 from 2015. On top of this post you can see a surreal work I found in an alley between East Houston and 1st Street near Broadway.


Above some of the big murals which beautify many houses in Manhattan. I saw the big birds (are they figting or making love?) on Broome Street between Bowery and Christie Street and spotted the falling woman somewhere in Soho. This Einstein live in the Meatpacking District close to the Highline Park and the big funny figure is in East Village.

On Eldrige Street in New York`s Lower East Side I saw Brad Robson`s "Urban Screams" on the Woodward Gallery Project Space which belongs to the Woodward Gallery across the street.

This fancy lady is hidden in the tiny Freeman´s Alley close to the Bowery.

The shop owners continued the tradition of artful shutter door murals.

Above more beautified doors.

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Some of the murals & stencils are really beauties

And the sticker industry continues glueing their sexy stencils whereever they wanted to.

If you want to see more street art from New York`s Lower East Side and their neighborhoods you could visit my montly street art reports (driveby).


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