Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Contemporary Art: A Visit @ Governors Island Art Fair 2016

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York City is a paradise for art lovers. There are so many art shows & events. One of them is the Governors Island Art Fair 2016 (4heads). The event happens on a tiny island south of Manhattan (5 minutes ferry ride) on every weekend in September (here my reports from 2014  2015 I  2015 II ).

Again the hosts allotted about 100 rooms to 100 artists. Each artist could design a room for herself. The result is a huge variety of styles and ideas. Last Sunday my wife & I visited the fair. Here I show  my favorites from this visit - as usual a very subjective selection. Above you can see work by Ekaterina Vanaovskaya, all oil on linen (vanovskaya).

The astronaut above (oil on linen) is created by Aleksandar Popovic (apopovic).

Above some paintings by E. Thurston Belmer (ethurstonbelmer).

The drawing above is China ink on British white scratch- board (about 20 inches by 24 inches) by Scott Gillis (scottgillis).

Above another drawing, this one is by Antonia Andrioti (antoniaandrioti).

                                                        Appealing Abstracts

There also were some appealing abstracts. Above works by Ed Grant (edgrantworks).

Abstracts by Vince Contarino (Acrylic on canvas vincecontarino ) & Chris Chatterson (Acrylic and transfer on canvas  kchatterson) also caught my eyes.

                                                                     Funny Collages

I enjoyed the funny collages by Bernice Sokol Kramer as well (bernicesokolkramer).

Butcher`s Daughter

"When I was young, my parents owned a butcher shop", explains the Korean artist Seungwhui Koo her pig-shaped sculptures & drawings (kooseunghwui).


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