Monday, December 12, 2016

Contemporary Art: For The Price Of A MacBook

(Drivebycuriosity) - Contemporary art has the reputation of being elitist & extremely expensive. David Byrne, founding member of the band "Talking Heads", claims that "the art world caters to the 1%", he laments about the "outrageous prices" and declares "only the very wealthy can afford it" (driveby). But Byrne is wrong.

The galleries in my neighborhood (New York´s Lower East Side) have a lot of exhibitions with reasonable priced art works. The pieces often are available for the price of a MacBook.  Last week I visited  Artifact on 84 Orchard Street (artifactnyc), an art dealer who has frequently fascinating exhibitions.

I show here my favorites from the current exhibition, a very subjective selection as usual. I took the information - including prices - from the tags below the pictures - so all information is supplied without guarantee.

On top of this post you can see "Abstraction" by Tsiuri Chachua (Oil on canvas/$1500). Above this paragraph are more works by this artist, all called  "Abstraction", each with a price tag of $2000.

Above this paragraphs paintings by Ekaterine Arsendize beginning with "Summer" (Oil on canvas/$550) followed by "News" (Oil on canvas/$2000);  "Reunite" (Oil on canvas/$1100) & "Hope" (Oil on canvas/$1000).

Above another abstract: "Genesis" by Tatia Kobreshvili (Oil on canvas). The price tag says just $500.

Above paintings by Nino Kivadze: "Transform" (Oil on canvas) $1500;  "Transform" (Oil on canvas) $1500 (yes, the tags are identical) &  "Prometei" (Oil on canvas) $1500.


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