Friday, December 16, 2016

Movies: Nocturnal Animals

(Drivebycuriosity) - Tom Ford is a multi talent, one of the last Renaissance men. The American made his name as a fashion designer & as an entrepreneur, he saved Gucci from near bankruptcy and transformed it into a fashion powerhouse (wikipedia ). Ford is also a successful movie maker. He earned an Oscar for his debut film "A Single Man" and his new film "Nocturnal Animals" started with much acclaim (imdb).  So, I had to see this movie and I got thrilled by it. I think Ford, who also wrote the script based on a novel by Austin Wright, deserves the praise. Ford`s newest work -  which also benefited from cinematographer Seamus McGarvey - is one of the best movies of the year, maybe of the decade so far (this is a spoiler free blog. You can find a synopsis here wikipedia).

The film has two intermingled story lines: One track focuses on Susan, an ambitious owner of an upmarket art gallery in Los Angeles. This tale is mixed with the plot of a book, which Susan`s ex-husband had written and send to her, a horror novel set in Texas. So the movie connects two separate & very different worlds.

I got mesmerized by very sharp & frequent contrasts: Scenes with obnoxious ugliness are followed by sheer beauty, utter terror is replaced by classy leisure live, raw nature changes with impressions of the ritzy art world, repulsion mixes with awe, aesthetic with filth and so on. Ford creates a high tension which keeps the audience on the hook. The film certainly represents the director´ s sophisticated tastes & talents which he had cultivated as a fashion designer. You can spot amazing art works by Jeff Koons, John Currin,  Alexander Calder and others, which are partly owned by Ford himself (townandcountrymag). And even the rough landscape of Texas, where he grew up, fits well to the stylish looks of Susan`s sleek & artsy world.

The film has an amazing cast of course. I indulged in watching the gorgeous Amy Adams, who belongs to Hollywood` brightest stars. And I enjoyed the performances of Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon & Aaron Taylor-Johnson as well. 

Watching "Nocturnal Animals" can be challenging, but the audience gets plentiful rewarded - highly recommended.

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