Sunday, February 8, 2015

Contemporary Art: Hot Dry Men/Cold Wet Women @ Mark Miller Gallery, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Are you interested in contemporary art? Do you enjoy cutting edge works? Do weird & funny paintings & sculptures entertain you? Then you might come to New York`s Lower East Side. There are dozens of cool art galleries who display new trends and fashions of the art world.

Yesterday I visited Mark Miller Gallery (92 Orchard Street markmiller), one of the hottest places of New York´s vibrant art scene (here my reports about last year´s shows there driveby contemporary ).

They have a new group show called "Hot Dry Men/Cold Wet Woman" (through March 6, 2015). According to their website the title is based on a quote from 17th century (“It being therefore granted, that the Temperament of Man is hot and dry, and that of the Woman cold and moist, we are now to consider, what dispositions these raise in the Soul, and what constitution the whole body receives from them.”-Marin Cureau de la Chambre, 1665).

Anyway, I indulged into the variety of the displayed works and their humor. This post´s illustrations start with a view into their window,  followed by "Carousel" by Diana Corvelle (Gouache on paper) and Mark Polyakov`s "Fire Air Water" (Acrylic on canvas).

Above this paragraph you can see "Play" by Alyssa Monks (Oil on panel); Amy Goodwin`s "See Through Flowers IV" (Ink (airbrush) and acrylic) &"The Horsemen" by Lauren Woods (Oil on wood).

Jaz Harold created the scultpure "Geode" (Mixed media). Scarry!

                                                               Wavefunction Collapse

Joseph Venutura`s "Wavefunction collapse" (Oil on canvas) sounds like one of these weird quantum mechanical effects. The painting could illustrate a science fiction story. Who trapped this men inside the bottle? Will they ever get out?

"Mountain dance" by Thomas John Carlson (Oil on linen) could tell another story. Maybe some partially invisible witches are worshipping a vulcano.

"Two If By Sea", also by Thomas John Carlson (Oil on linen) displays another riddle.

Diana Corvelle`s "Protective shell" (Goutache on paper) might show a couple of meermaids. Are they twins or clones?
Jansson Stegner`s, Two Brothers (Oil on linen) could portrait two princes, who are daydreaming about saving virgins from a dragon.

Joseph Ventura`s 2 paintings "Polchinski`s Paradox (Casual timeline)" & "Polchinski`s Paradox (Effectual timeline)" (both Oil on linen) could tell another science fiction story, maybe about time travelers.

Above you can see "Torso" by Aaron Holz (Oil, resin and acrylic on panel). Below more details from the gallery window.


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