Thursday, October 16, 2014

Contemporary Art New York: Impressions From The Lower East Side Gallery Scene, October 2014

(Drivebycuriosity) - It seems New York`Lower East Side (LES) has become one of the centers of the modern art world. Recently I reported about a group of interesting exhibitions (driveby). Since then 2 other shows caught my eyes.

Fitzroy Gallery (195 Chrystie Street between Stanton and Rivington Street fitzroygallery) shows the work of 4 artists (through October 26, 2014). My favorites are the paintings by Cassandra MacLeod. Most of them are just called "Untited" and are silkscreen and spray paint or acrylic on canvas (from the top of this post). Directly above the column is a wall with paintings by Patrick Brennan.

I also enjoyed the works by Samuel T. Adams. Above this column you can see his paintings "Scaffold" (acrylic and carborundum on -re-stretched canvas, wood structures) and "Untitled" (silkscreen on fabric).

                                                       Behind The Curtain

Mark Miller Gallery (92 Orchard Street markmiller) has a group exhibition called "Behind The Curtain". They show the works by 32 artists who are working or have worked as assistants for famous artists like Jeff Koons, Eric Fischl and others. "Many are now hired for their extraordinary talent to complete entire works of art, and they are often working behind the scene without acknowledgement of the tremendous craftsmanship they lend to a final product", reports the gallery catalogue.

 I like the funny sculpture "Walk" by Chie Shimizu.

I am fascinated by the drawing "Swing Set" (Charcoal and white chaulk on Paper) by James Adelman, which I first confused with a photography. Here you can see more works by the excellent Brookyn based artist (understanding).

There are more interesting paintings of course, as you can see above.

I am looking forward to the upcoming exhibitions in the LES area. Enjoy.

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