Friday, May 1, 2015

Contemporary Art: Pierre Obando @ Thierry Goldberg Gallery, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - I enjoy visiting the art galleries in my neighborhood, New York`s Lower East Side (LES). There is always something to discover.

Recently as I took a look into Thierry Goldberg Gallery on 103 Norfolk Street (just some steps north of Delancey) I saw an interesting solo-exhibition with works by Pierre Obando, called "Like New" (through May 17, 2015 thierrygoldberg).

I really like the monochrome paintings which remind me a bit of works by Gerhard Richter and the Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies, who`s paintings I recently discovered in Barcelona (driveby). Obando uses red, blue, green, ocher and even black in a fascinating way. Even that most of the paintings have just one color, they got an own life thanks to the filigree structure, which you can see in the detail shots here.

It seems that the paiting belog together, they are a family. I think the paintings "work" best, if you hang a set of 3 on one large wall. According to the gallery`s website, Obando "uses various stencils and layering techniques to create ben-day dot patterns over flat surfaces while allowing some accidents to occur" ()thierrygoldberg.

On the top of this post you can see "Jholawallah (2015, acrylic on canvas) and segments of it. Then  follow from left  "Continuous Tone 003"  & "Continuous Tone 002" (both 2015, acrylic on canvas).

Above this paragraph you can see "Factum IV" & "Factum 3" (both 2015, acrylic on canvas)

The painting above (left) is called "Migraine 007" (2015, acrylic on canvas). Below are some variations:

The pictures are caught with my humble camera: Panasonic Lumix. You might get better images if you to the gallery`s website. But, let the pictures speak for themselves.


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