Sunday, May 24, 2015

Street Art New York: May 2015 Edition

(Drivebycuriosity) - Street art never sleeps. There is always something going on, especially in New York City. Since my latest street art report from April 2015 (driveby) I spotted a lot new works @ Lower East Side, East Village, Soho and other neighborhoods.

As usual I discovered a huge variety of styles & sizes. I spotted the huge black-and-white mural on top of this post in Tribeca and the following colorful image in Little Italy.

The girl mural above belongs to Chinatown.

And the fashion shop "Rag & Bone" on East Hoston & Elizabeth Street continued her tradition for frequently changing murals. The skull mural above is a creation by the Puerto Rican street artist Alexis Diaz.

There were also new shutter door murals which beautify the entries of shops, bars & restaurants.

                                           Welcome To The Stencil Category

The community of sticker circulators continued their work. Above my recent favorite in the stencil category.

Here some stickers @ the famous walls of Bowery 190.

To be continued.

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