Friday, January 22, 2016

Contemporary Art: With A Little Help From The 3D Printer @ Krause Gallery, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - There is competition everywhere. Many contemporary artists are exploring new techniques to distinguish themselves against a growing number of competitors. Krause Gallery in New York`s trendy Lower East Side (149 Orchard Street krause ) shows works by Eric van Straaten.

The artist creates his sculptures with the help of a 3D printer. According to the press release: "The 3D-printing of delicate and colored models is far from being just pushing a button, but requires great technical skills. Therefore only a few specialize in this technique and there is no artist who pushes the boundaries colorized 3D-prints as far as Eric van Straaten" (exhibition).

Above and below you can see some of his sculptures - a very subjective selection as usual.


                                                       The Feeling Of Hand Carved

Other artists stick with more traditional methods. Krause Gallery also displays works by Paul Kaptein. The Australian artist chose the traditional methods of hand wood carving and uses laminated wood "to enhance the feeling of hand carved" (exhibition).

Let the images speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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