Friday, January 29, 2016

Movies: The Revenant

(Drivebycuriosity) - This week I saw my favorite for the "Oscars": "The Revenant" (imdb). This is one of the most impressive movies I have watched in the recent years. The film, set in the untamed wilderness of the Rocky Mountains around the year 1820, shows how the fur trapper Hugh Glass is fighting for his survival under extreme & vicious conditions (this is a spoiler free blog. You can find a synopsis here wikipedia).

The movie is about the indestructible will to survive, no matter how bad it gets, and about human perfidy and revenge. "The Revenant" also describes the brutality of the early pioneer phase in the history of America and shows how cruel the settlers fought the natives, whom they called "savages", even though they were not an inch better than the original inhabitants of the country. What makes "The Revenant" so special is that the plot is intermingled with the presentation of primal nature,  the sheer beauty,  power and the merciless of winter in the northern American mountains.  

Movies are teamwork, almost like industrial projectsBut "The Revenant" is shaped by a quartet: Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu ("Oscar" nominated for best director) coaxed his team into extreme situations to create an outstanding cinema experience. Some of the scenes testify his skills and his will to realize bold ideas for the screen - they will be film history. Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, also "Oscar" nominated,  found images full of power & grace.

Leonardo DiCaprio (nominated for leading actor) delivered an awesome performance and showed a lot courage to weather through all the challenges the plot and director Iñárritu caused him. Tom Hardy`s (nominated for supporting artist) acting is another remarkable cornerstone of the film.

"The Revenant" will be part of the movie classics, Oscars or not.

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