Monday, January 18, 2016

Photography: A Winterly Walk On The "High Line", New York City - Impressions By iPhone 6s Plus

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York City is full of awesome places. One of my favorites is the "High Line". This is an an aerial greenway, length around 1.45 miles (2.22 km), which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan on an elevated former New York Central Railroad spur (wikipedia).

Yesterday my wife and I had another walk on this park.  There were a lot of other walkers, even that it was chilly and it started snowing. I used the occasion to get to know the camera of my iPhone 6s Plus that I got on Christmas. The device is fast and easy to handle, and it is fun to edit the images on my MacBook Pro, using the new operating system OS X El Capitan.

I show here a selection of my photographic impressions. The walk leads through a rapidly evolving part of Manhattan (Meatpacking District) and offers a nice variety of sights. I indulged into the mixture of old and new archtitecture and the blend of shapes and colors.

                                                                  Icon Of Gentrification


                                                                            Magnet For Capital

There are a lot buildings which are designed by Frank Gehry and other ambitious architects (livinthehighline). Apparently the High Line is a magnet for capital and is attracting a lot of businesses.

The High Line is spiced with interesting art works. The huge mural above is called "Above the Line" (2015, paint on wall) by Kerry James Marshall. Btw the park begins in the south at the Whitney Museum, which has an an impressive collection of American art.

The walks also offers some nice views into the neighboring concrete canyons

On the southern end of the park you can look onto the huge construction site for the "Hudson Yards", a huge mixed purpose area. The developers claim that this is the "largest private real estate development in U.S. history" (hudsonyards). 

To be continued.

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