Friday, October 31, 2014

Contemporary Art New York: Jonathan Viner`s "Cold Snap" & More @ Gallery Site 109, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Contemporary art is fun. I like to go to art galleries because there are so many surprises and things to discover. Living in New York City gives me a lot of opportunities.

The gallery site 109 in New York`s Lower East Side (109 Norfolk Street) has now 2 exhibitions (through November 2, 2014) which show a nice variety of styles and ideas (site109).

                                                             Scandinavian Thrillers


My favorites are the - kind of - photo realistic paintings by Jonathan Viner (vinerstudio). This show, called "Cold Snap", fills the lower level of the gallery. I like the cool sexy style of Viner`s work.

The arrangement on the top of this post could be from a movie scene, maybe from one of these now popular dark Scandinavian thrillers. The summerly ladies display a striking contrast to the frosted background. Do they spot something shocking? Viner´s painting "Northern Sport" seems to be a part of this scene as the similar pinky ice covered trees suggest. Does he try to protect the women? The reading girl in the painting "Cult Classic" could be part of this story. It looks like that she tries to hide behind the book.

                                                              Victims of Witch Hunts

I also enjoyed Marion Peck`s painting "Four Witches", which is part of the exhibition "Black Moon New York" on the first floor. The other women above this paragraph could also be witches - or are they healers? Peck´s work seems to be a critique of the monopolistic roman catholic church and their sadist priests. Over centuries they villainized many women as evil beings. In the hightimes of the christian churches often healers, midewives and other good doers became victims of witch hunts.

The 2 flamboyant paintings above this paragraph by Camille Rose Garcia may also show witches - ore are they demons? Whatever - they fit perfectly into the Halloween season.

The funny cat pictures (finally this blog has "funny cat pictures"!) by  Jessicka Addams deliver a contrast to the darkly themes of the other works @ site 109. But there is also some mystery in them.


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