Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Street Art New York: A Documentary - January 2016 Edition

(Drivebycuriosity) - It´s cold outside, but New York`s street art doesn`t hibernate. Since my latest street art report (December 2015 driveby) I spotted more interesting new murals, stickers & graffiti @ Lower East Side, East Village, Soho and other Manhattan neighborhoods. As usual I document the newest street art in this area.

On the top of this post you can see the newest mural @ Rag & Bone, a fashion shop on East Houston Street. For years the Lower East Side shop has been showing ambitious art works on its Elizabeth Street wall. This mural above could easily compete with the ambitious art works you can find in art galleries.

On Kenmare Street, that combines Delancey with Lafayette Street, I spotted a tribute to the late David Bowey. The mural seems to be influenced by pop art and album covers.

I spotted the mural above on Orchard Street, where you can find many ambitious art galleries. The art work is apparently an advertisment for the fashion company Tictail Market.

This mural is beautifying a back yard somewhere in the East Village.

The culture of artful decorated shutter doors continued.

....and the spreaders of stencils & stickers also stayed active.

To be continued.

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